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Glasgow Shopping trip – June 30th 2014

Today was the first day of my 6 week holidays and I spent the day in Glasgow with my boyfriend. Glasgow is one of my favourite places to go shopping and every few months I organize a trip. So we took a nice train in to Glasgow Central.

We started with something to eat because my boyfriend and I cannot function with

Mango Berry

empty bellies….
We went to the Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow, I was quite excited about this, I always liked the one in Edinburgh and it was my boyfriends first time in one ever. I really liked it, it’s so spacious and fancy.
I ordered a Mango Berry non-alcoholic cocktail which was so beautiful and definitely tickled my taste-buds plus it looked really pretty too. I am never ever that adventurous when it comes to food, i’m always happy with a cheese burger and chips, and HRC didn’t disappoint. Of course the music playing was fantastic too which is nice to sway a                                              long to while I sip my mango berry.

After lunch it was time to shop and very conveniently Forever 21 was right next door although my boyfriend was less than thrilled. I always get really excited about F21 although every time I go I come away with next to nothing. On this trip I came away with a cutesy a-line skirt with a nice pink and orange print. And a pair of sunglasses (that my boyfriend hated), typically though the sun disappeared as soon as I bought them.

I had my eye on a few nail varnishes and decided on Barry M’s sugar apple, and a touch of grenadine which is a repurchase from essie as I gave my original to my friend Samantha because she liked it (i’m so lovely) it’s quite bubblegummy colour really lovely on my nails. I also picked up Lilacism from essie which is very similar to Prickly Pear by Barry M, which I own, so I have no idea why I bought this one but ohhh well.

I also treated myself to a  Nars Matte Lip pencil in Paimpol which I’ve had my eye on for a while. I think it’s smidge too light for my skin tone but I think it has a cool 60s vibe to it.We also visited the cex shop and bought a bunch of dvds and blu rays and we nipped into Waterstones and I bought Flowers in the attic, a novel that my mum and dad suggest I read.It was a really nice way to officially begin my month and a half off work with equally nice weather to match.

Hope you enjoyed reading,


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