Geo Woven Skirt – Forever 21

This week I went to forever 21 in Glasgow (read more about  it here) and I purchased this skirt, when I first picked it up I loved the print but wasn’t too sure about the colour, my boyfriend pointed out he’s never seen me in pink. Which isn’t a lie, it’s not a colour I tend to wear very often. But decided to buy it and see how I liked it, plus it cost me £12. Complete Bargin.

Once I got home I tried it on and really, really liked it. I’m really into the A-line skirt at the moment and this is just so colourful. I always give myself a little pat on the back when I choose something other than black or grey and it’s even better when I like it.A skirt with so much personality doesn’t need an over exciting top, so i’ve been pairing it with plain t-shirts.

Buy it from Forever 21

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