Finding the Perfect Primer

NYX HD Primer, Too Faced Hangover Primer, Bobbi Brown Face Base



In the past year, I have discovered the importance of wearing a foundation primer, especially for someone who has dry skin.
Not only does a primer keep your makeup on for longer but it can also create a great canvas for you when applying makeup so that you can get the best finish possible. In some cases, it can make a foundation work better with your skin by creating a barrier between your skin and the foundation, so my less moisturising foundation would cling less to dry bits. And when I used a foundation perfect for dry skin it would apply nicer to help create a flawless finish.

I’m going to talk about three primers I have used this past year and my thoughts on them.

Beginning with Too Faced Hangover Primer(£27) I had seen some promising reviews about this product and it’s white cream formula didn’t disappoint, it applied to the skin nicely moisturising and kind and sure enough it helped my foundation go on tremendously well, even on days that my skin was having a bit of a meltdown and where usually even the best of foundations might struggle to not cling to dry skin. I was really happy with the product, however, my only qualm was when first bought it the tube didn’t feel that full with product, it felt half empty, so most of the time I was very cautious not to use too much. And when you’re paying £27 for a product and you’re worried about it running out within a couple of  weeks, isn’t good. Despite all that, it did last me a few months. I would definitely recommend and see myself re-purchasing

I then wanted to try a lower end product, to test if I really needed to spend a lot of money for a good primer. I picked up NYX’s HD Primer (£12) The day I first used this primer my skin was rather dry so a primer was very much needed, however when I applied the thick white cream clung to my face, so much so I could see the white on my skin. I rubbed in some more and then applied my foundation. My foundation was crumbling and looked horrendous, I had to remove it. I had my sister try it and she found it worked nicely with her. I used the primer for around a month and didn’t have a bad experience as the first time however I did find it hard to rub into my skin and all in all didn’t think it made a great base for my foundation. This could be due to my dry skin, so if you’re like me and want to give it a go, proceed with caution.

Bobbi Brown Face primer

This brings me to Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Enriched Face Base* (£40) this works as a moisturiser and primer in one, so essentially you could save time by using this 2 in one product. At first, I was worried my dehydrated skin would quench up all the product, therefore taking away my priming needs of keeping my makeup on for longer. It is also a very thick cream so a little goes a long way and when the product is £40 you don’t want to have to worry about it running out . When first applied I found it sunk into my skin really well and my foundation applied amazingly! I have also noticed that my makeup looks fresher for longer too. This product works really well with me as someone who really can’t afford to forget to use moisturiser this little gem ensures that my skin gets a boost of moisture, so that is also a bonus point! If you’re the opposite of me having oily skin have no fear this is oil-free so it’s perfect for you too!  So this is my winning product out of the three and I would highly recommend.

Disclaimer – Products marked with a (*) have been gifted to me by brands or PR companies. 


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