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A Tissue Mask From Garnier

Who doesn’t love a facemask? They make for a relaxing, dreamy evening all while giving your skin some TLC. I first saw the Garnier Moisture Bomb on Haute On my Heels. I was immediately intrigued and at 99p there was nothing to lose at giving them a try. The Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb tissue mask is the first I’ve seen…


What Skin Needs | Hydrating Facial Serum*

What Skin needs is an Australian skin care brand which uses natural ingredients  which are essential in helping repair and renew skin! The Hydrating Facial Serum*(£17.99) is aimed at people who have scarring and pigmentation, suffer from skin dehydration and for helping the appearance of wrinkles and aging.  I’m lucky to not have any major troubles when it comes to scarring…


Night Time Skin Routine….

The Four Step Skin Care Routine  So this routine is when i’m being really good to my face and I do every step of my skin care routine, which I should be doing everyday but ya know… sometimes I’m just too tired after a day of work, other nights I might miss one or two steps but here we go……