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3 Favourite Things

  Hey, Guys I hope you’re having a great January (does anyone have great Januarys?) Today I’m going to talk about 3 items I’ve really been loving this blue January. All the items were Christmas gifts, so it’s kinda like a what I got for Christmas/favourite posts all in one! sort of. I am obsessed with the burgundy cord coat,…


Five New Things

 Today I thought i’d show you some new things that I’ve been loving, Lets start with the very much loved Rockateur from Benefit(£23.50), which has a lovely rose golden glitter blush, It’s just adds such nice golden finish, wish I had picked this up much sooner. It’s all i’ve been using at the moment and I can’t wait for Summer…


June 2014 Favourites

I always enjoy Favourite posts so each month i’ll do my own, hope you enjoy. Benefits Bad Gal Lash  A few months ago I purchased one of those mini benefit tester packs, and the bad gal lash was one of the items. And I was really, really impressed with it. So many people rave about They’re real and I have to…