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M.A.C Lipstick Collection

Throwing it back a little bit with an ol’ M.A.C Collection, I’m pretty positive that my sister has stolen at least one from me, somehow it doesn’t seem complete but oh well! It’s a pretty modest collection none the less, although I don’t find myself picking out and buying M.A.C lippies like I use too I do wear what I…


M.A.C | Burgundy Times Nine

Have you ever had your eye on a product and you toy with buying it for a while and then suddenly give in and make the purchase…. and realise you made such a great decision? Well thats what happend with the Burgundy Times Nine(£30) eye-shadow palette from MAC… STORY TIME I was in MAC browsing the eyeshadows looking to find…


feeling pinky and a mac dupe!

So I felt like picking up a new MAC lipstick and had the very exciting pleasure of choosing which shade to pick up next. I wanted something I could wear everyday so I was steering clear of any loud reds or dark plums… I ultimately decided on Pink Plaid (£15.50)… a colour that I’ve heard very little about… I like wearing…