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Before Bed Tea at Mimi’s Bakehouse

Mimi’s Bakehouse is one of my favourite places in Edinburgh to go for some tasty cakes , they have recently held a couple of Evening “afternoon tea’s” or as they call it Before Bed Tea… I knew spaces would fill up fast so I quickly booked a table for me and my friend. You’re sent the menu before confirming your…


Sunday Exploring

Autumn is well underway, there is a definite crisp chill in the air and I’m really enjoying it. Got to enjoy the comfortable cold before it gets freezing for 6 months! Whilst running some errands in Edinburgh we stopped by Prestonfield House, it’s another boutique style hotel and venue (similar to my Carlowrie post). I enjoy going to these little…


A wander on the cobbles

How on earth are we more than half way through the year? As we’re saying goodbye to the “brighter” “Summer” months I’m trying to grab every day where it’s not raining by the hands and get out the house. I actually don’t mind if it’s cooler, truth be told myScottish born blood prefers it when it’s cooler but I hate when…