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Where To Shop For A Pinterest Worthy Home

I know I’m not the only one who spends *sooo* much of their spare time scrolling through Pinterest looking at all the dreamy homes trying to gather inspiration and ideas for my own home, some achievable some all but a dream. I’ve put together a list of some of the things I found that would help create my ultimate home…


Spring Meets Autumn Makeup Look | Kylie Cosmetics

Well hey, guys, the last few months I’ve reviewed a few products from Kylie Jenners beauty range and today I thought I’d share a makeup look using the products that I have gathered up. I am so in love with the burgundy palette, it is the perfect palette filled with goldens, browns and burgundy’sĀ and the quality is so good, very…


Long Lasting Hydrating Cream from Frezyderm

I have spoken a lot about my dry skin issues, for the last couple of years I had pretty much had it at bay and it would almost never really cause any concern regarding the way my makeup applied. The last month or so my skin has been terribly dry, not only when applying makeup but barefaced my skin looked…