Why does it always rain on me? Featuring a asos rain coat



Can we first just ignore my facial expressions, still don’t know how to smile or act when taking blog photos, I mean I literally think i’m smiling but the final photo always shows differently. I’ll get there one day.

Living in Scotland naturally means you get rained on a lot… okay fran. 

I do a lot of walking in my day to day, short trips back and forth, here and there, and thought it was about time to pick up a rain coat and spotted this perfect little cutie from Asos… Just in time for the spring showers…
I fell in love when I seen it on the website, lilac is one of my favourite colours and the cute little polka dot detailing in the hood and in the linen makes me squeal. There it two big deep pockets perfect for all the crap that I refuse to bin. The buttons are cool like twisty bars thing to help keep you secure which I think makes me feel pretty fancy…
The hood is detachable if you fancy it off…
The linen is thick enough to keep you warm, I wear a hoody underneath every coat anyways but during summer when it is a bit warmer it will be cool enough throw on if you’re out and about or at a festival.

It was great getting out in the sunshine today, Scotland have been waiting on Spring very patiently and today was the first real glimpse. It was really sunny but still a nip in the air so the coat came in handy and we were lucky that there was no rain and still hasn’t been!

It is super cute and I am so happy I decided to buy it, online shopping is such anxious process of wondering if it looks as good in real life and if it doesn’t the pain of having to send it back and wait on getting your money back. But it’s times like this you’re glad you took the risk. ASOS I think are probably one of the best online stores for getting what you see.  Other online shops (cough boohoo cough) are not so good.


You can pick yours up for £45 here.


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Very nice 🙂

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