Afternoon Tea at Dobbies


I recently booked an Afternoon Tea for my mum, sister and me as a little Mothers Day gift at Dobbies Gardening Centre! It’s such a relaxed way to spend an afternoon, eating sandwiches, scones and bite-sized cakes, it’s such a cool vibe where you can chat away and nibble on delicious food.
Dobbies offer three Afternoon Teas, the traditional tea and coffee, Luxury Afternoon Tea which includes chocolate dipped strawberries and finally, the Prosecco version which includes everything in the Luxury version but with the choice of Prosecco.


We were told the choice of sandwiches and had the option to choose which sandwiches we wanted or if we could have a mixture, which is what we decided.We also had the choice of white and brown bread. We had egg mayo (which my sister stole all of), cream and salmon which my loves and cheese and ham too! As you should suspect the bread was soft and fresh! As someone who ironically doesn’t like drink tea or coffee, I was able to choose Irn Bru and my sister cola to drink, which I was so pleased about! No discriminating against us non-tea drinkers! ha. My Mum had a choice of different coffees. I think my favourite part of the tier is scone section with the mini jars of strawberry jam, the only thing that was missing was clotted cream (which is included in the luxury version, I stupidly misread and thought you were getting chocolate dipped strawberries instead of scones, turns out you get both! Next time I’ll be going for that option). They were delicious and the jam was so tasty. The top tier had 6 cakes, which although described as bite-sized are really filling, my favourite was the pavlova & fruit cake with cream sandwiched between. The fruit was so fresh and had so much flavour. I didn’t want it to end. All cakes were so tasty but light so you didn’t feel sick after indulging! It’s definitely one of the most affordable Afternoon Teas I’ve come across but the quality is of a high standard!

If you’re interested you can book your slot here, prices start from £15 for 2.


Once we were finished we had a wander round the gardening centre and fish sanctuary and I made an Imaginary wishlist in my head of all the amazing garden furniture that I wanted! Such a cute Afternoon to spend with your Mum!

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