A Dungaree dress

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I’m not sure if i’ve addressed my newly short hair….Last month I planned on getting my hair cut and well the hair dresser cut it way shorter than I asked, It took me quite a while to get use to it and not to feel a wee bit sick, the pictures above was on a good hair day though I must admitt…
Moving on though…I picked up this cute dungaree dress from Primark for £14, it actually has mickey mouse subtly printed on it… It’s super cute and casual and it has like a gazillion pockets which is the greatest thing ever. Never underestimate pockets

I’ve loved wearing all different t-shirts underneath but I think the white t-shirt (£9.99) with the red rimming from New Look looks really cute and laid back.

The headband is from forever 21 and I think just adds to the casual weekend there isn’t anywhere I need to be vibe I wanted from this look.


2 outfit posts in one week! Guys give me a pat on the shoulder please!


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