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I was super thrilled when I received two of these sheet masks from Maskorea, what’s so interesting about these masks is that there are 3 steps to them. I had the same experience with when using both masks so, firstly I’ll tell you how I got on with that step by step.
Step One:  Cleanser
It’s a small sachet and I was dubious, however, it foams into almost a mountain of product. I would highly recommend not putting it anywhere near your eyes because it stings soooo badly! Did your mum ever wash your hair with Vosene when you were wee and the horrendous pain of getting even a smidge in your eye, well that’s what this was like! So yeah do not put it anywhere near the eyeballs. It also had a strange smell – like there were some serious ingredients in it, nothing smelt artificial. It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t use it but not ya know not smelling of roses.

Step Two: Sheet Mask
Now on to the sheet mask, it fit well to my face, I’ve experienced in the past some sheet masks are a little too large for my face, however, this mask moulded to the shape of my face making it comfy to wear and not being scared to move. You leave the mask on for 30 minutes which for some may seem like a long time but to me, it’s the perfect excuse for me to do nothing for half an hour. Plus half an hour gives it a chance to actually do something!

Step Three: Post-Mask Anti-Aging Night Cream

 The final stage is the night cream which you apply before going to bed (duhhhh)… This was a lovely cream to apply at the end of the evening, sunk it nicely to the skin,


The Aftermath

The Instant Glow* sheet mask is described as the perfect ‘pick me up’ facemask and will give enhanced nutrition and hydration. I found the next day that my skin seemed to be very fresh and bright and when I applied makeup that my skin was nicely hydrated, as I’m someone who has awfully dry skin I could definitely see a difference in the way my makeup settled on my skin. I did notice that despite how bright my skin looked that I had a couple non-offensive spots appear and a few blemishes! It brought me to wonder if the mask was bringing out some impurities in my skin. The spots weren’t inflamed or sore and they did go away very quickly. The little blemishes disappeared a couple of days later.
I’m really interested in trying the mask again to see if I get the same effects.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with a facemask that brings out spots as it can often be an easier route than the spot coming out all sore and large and pretty horrible – in the long run it can lead to even better skin! It just may be a face mask you need to use when you know you have no special events coming up (in saying that the spots were easy to cover up).

The Too Many Late Nights* mask – side note, what an amazing and super appropriate name of a mask for me to use!
This mask is for tired and dehydrated skin, improves elasticity and is rich in vitamin C! Once again I found my skin had a few blemishes and couple of spots again but again they cleared up well and my face was very soft the morning after use and continued to feel soft and firm. I found my skin was even more hydrated after using this mask… My skin loves anything that promotes hydration!

I really like the concept of these masks – I enjoy the 3 steps, particularly the mask and night cream… the cleanser I couldn’t use to remove eye makeup but it worked well for the rest of my skin. It’s a proper evening mask, it’s not a quickie 5-minute job, which as I said before, I like masks that you need to keep on for a good length of time as I feel likes it gives it a proper chance to do something. I’m intrigued to see what the results are after regular use, which I feel is when I’ll see great benefits.

You’ll also be happy to know Maskorea don’t test on animals and the sheet mask is made from 100% natural resources – Happy Days! The masks are affordable at £7.99 each and if you become obsessed and they become part of your regular skincare routine, the brand offers a cool monthly subscription which will save you about 50%!  (Just a FYI)

Have you tried any of these masks? I’d love to know your thoughts!

Items marked with a * were either gifted to me by PR/Brands or purchased using gift vouchers &/or discount codes given by PR/Brands


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