3 Happy Things from the Weekend

This weekend I found myself feeling a little blue and anxious! I wasn’t quite myself but instead of dwelling on how awful I felt, I’m going to share 3 photographs from the weekend that made me feel a little better.

1. Saturday  saw the return of warmer weather, here in Scotland for the last couple of weeks we’ve had dull wet weather. It was nice to see blue skies again. Going for an evening walk with my sister is one of my favourite things to do. Megan usually chats away about everything that enters her head and I nod away. I was definitely needing some fresh air! I’m really lucky to live right next to a country park. After spending most of the day indoors feeling sick and nervous, a stroll in warm summers evening was perfect.

2. Sunday afternoon and evening saw me feel a whole lot better and I was able to enjoy Fathers Day with my Dad. The weather returned to the miserable overcast that we have seen the previous week. But I managed to find a break in the rain to take some photos of the canal… I don’t know what it is about canals but they make me feel so calm…

FullSizeRender 41

3. Finishing off the weekend with the best ice-cream in Scotland… Lucas is the best ice cream parlour!  Even boring old vanilla is one of the best flavours! I chose milky bar and Nutella… they complimented each other so well.



Here’s to a hopefully  happier weekend!


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